Hungarian Art and Culture

  • Instructor: Mariann Schiller
  • Contact: schiller.mariann at gmail dot com
  • Prerequisites: none

Course description:

This course concerns the past and present of Hungary, as well as the rough history of art. We shall acquaint ourselves with the history of Budapest since Roman times to the present. We will discuss the changes of the most important city; the places where people of different origin and social status spent their time. We shall observe the changing past and present in various buildings, monuments, and pieces of arts. Among others the impact of the massive influx of Jews and their major role in the cultural and economic development of modern Budapest will be presented.  

Aim of the Course:

This course aims to provide insight into the rich heritage of Budapest and Hungary for students interested in a place where they study. The main objectives of the course are twofold. First, the course provides students with an overview of the long history of Budapest: the improving city and its people. On the other hand, the course helps students feel familiar in the city, grounded in the discourse in the classroom and study tours of the inner city. Origin and structure of Hungarian language is included as well as bits of the rich Hungarian literature, music and fine art.