Building Budapest Semesters in Mathematics
College International

Location: Bethlen Gábor tér 2, Budapest, VII. (district 7), Hungary

Mailing address: POB 51, H-1406 Budapest 76, Hungary

Tel: +36 1 413-3038
Fax: +36 1 413-3030


On this homepage you will also find information on getting to BSM *** public transportation, including ticket/pass prices *** using taxis *** arriving by air *** arriving by train.

How to come to BSM

The school is situated near one of the main railway stations of the city, "Keleti pályaudvar" at 2 Bethlen Gábor Square, in the proximity of the corresponding underground (metro) station and several bus stops.

If you take underground (metro) line No. 2 (red, recommended), get off at "Keleti pályaudvar" station, denoted by the blue metro-car sign on the map. Take Bethlen Gábor street ("utca") for three blocks till you reach Bethlen Gábor square ("tér"). Once there, you can't miss the old building of College International (housing BSM) covered with red bricks - see the picture above.

Alternatively, you can take buses 5, 7, 7E, 173, 173E, 178, 178A as well as trolley buses nos. 73, 75, 76, 78, 79, 80 or 80A. For either of these, get off at "Keleti pályaudvar" stop, and proceed as above. You can find information on routes and schedules here. A map featuring the citywide public transportation network can be viewed here and purchased at metro ticket booths.

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Please note that due to the construction of a new underground line, since Fall 2008, the whole city is upside down, including the immediate neighborhood of the school and Keleti pályaudvar with the construction sites changing frequently. This means you may have to make small detours to get to Bethlen Street from the metro/buses.

General Public Transportation Info

In Budapest, there is a great variety of public transport: several underground (metro) lines, buses, trams, even trolleys. Passengers taking any of them should use pre-purchased tickets that should be validated at the beginning of the journey (in the metro at the entrance, otherwise on the bus/tram etc.) There is a large variety of tickets from single use (valid for any form of transport for one journey of arbitrary length), through blocks of 10 tickets (somewhat cheaper) and "metro section" tickets to 24 hour, 72 hour, 7 day and 30 day passes etc. For the current ticket prices click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only students carrying HUNGARIAN student ID's are eligible for the student passes - please, do NOT buy these, but full price passes. International students are fined by controllers if caught with a student pass.

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For more info about different kinds of tickets and passes click here.


Avoid unmarked taxis. For a list of taxi companies, with logos well marked on the side of the car, that are reliable and reasonably priced, click here. Please, note that ordering a taxi by phone is cheaper than hailing one on the street. (include 061 when using a cell-phone; no need for 061 when using a regular phone).

Should you hail a taxi on the street, inquire about the fare in advance in order to diminish the risk of an unpleasant surprises.

For more info on taxis and fares click here.

Arriving to Budapest by Air

You will be landing at Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport. From there the easiest and most comfortable way of coming to town is to take a taxi. The taxi company "Fôtaxi" specializes in downtown/airport/downtown service and works with fixed prices.
Other taxis can be ordered by phone and will usually arrive within ten minutes.

A cheaper option is to take the Airport Shuttle. This later will pick you up in a minibus along with a few other passengers and will take you to the address you indicate (if it's a hotel the name usually suffices). You may buy your shuttle ticket at their counter in the baggage claim area or in the arrival hall.

Find more information here.

There is also a regular city bus service Bus No 200E which for the price of a regular public transportation ticket will take you to the last station of underground line No 3 ("blue line"). On this bus you can also buy a ticket from the driver. Buses are available till midnight, but keep in mind that the last underground train leaves at around 23.10.

Arriving to Budapest by Train

International trains usually arrive at "Keleti" railway station, from where you can take the metro and several buses to your home. If you arrive late at night it is better to take a taxi.

For more information on travelling by train click here.