Program Description

The Summer Undergraduate Research Program is designed in the style of the Hungarian "TDK" system, allowing advanced undergraduates to become acquainted with research methods in detail and acquire additional knowledge beyond their obligatory curriculum. (For a brief English description of the TDK system see a relevant ELTE University homepage.)

Students can choose from the topics/problems found on the "List of Problems" page . If admitted to the program, they will work in a group setting under the supervision of a professor. By the end of summer students are encouraged to write up all work in a research paper, however given the time constraints, some writing may continue after the program ends.In addition, there will be an opportunity to present your work as well.

Apart from a registration fee of 100 USD (payable after acceptance), this summer program is free of charge.

Participating in group research may contribute to the successful beginning of a scientific career: depending on level, the results obtained can be presented at school, statewide or national undergraduate meetings ranging from a local Undergradute Seminar at your home school to MAA's MathFest. Papers may also be published in undergraduate research journals. such as The Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Journal, Involve or many others. In some PhD programs, fruitful undergraduate reserach activity is a prerequisite for admission.

BSM has been running an undergraduate research course since 2012. You can view articles that were written under the auspices of the BSM program