Program Logistics

This page contains important information regarding admittance to the Program and its logistics, so please, read everything carefully.

The Program starts June 7th (Monday) and ends July 30th (Friday).

  • Who can participate? Students can choose from the topics/problems found on the "List of Problems" page . In addition to the problem description, each professor gave introductory problems for interested students to solve under "Qualifying problems". If you are considering participating, apply below and submit your solutions to the qualifying problems of the research problem that you would like to work on by May 15th (Saturday) , directly to the professor whose problem you are interested in.

    Enrollment will be based on submitted work, your previous BSM application materials, as well as previous BSM performance where applicable. Decisions on admittance to the Program will be made and students notified by May 24th, Monday.
  • Which topics will actually be offered ("stay alive")? Of the initially offered research problems those will be offered eventually, for which a group of students sign up and are admitted to the program. Ideally, a group would consist of 2-3 students.
  • Course work: weekly meetings. The research groups will meet 3-4 times weekly, two hours each.
    Two meetings are devoted to group work, when you discuss the problem and possible solutions with your student group, without the professor. The other meetings of the week are spent with your professor who will monitor your group's progress. Whether you meet once or twice with your Professor on a given week will be decided case-by-case, depending on progress.

    As a default, BSM uses Zoom for online meetings. You do not need to have a Zoom account in order to participate in a meeting. However, you will have to download a Zoom app to your device, in order to be able to connect to the meeting.
  • Course work: presentation. Work continuous throughout the Summer Semester. The last week each research group should present their results at a "Preliminary report session" organized for all participants, their professors and possible invited guests.
  • Course work: writing a paper. Depending on results obtained all work will be summarized in a paper/research report.

Students who successfully complete the summer research program will not only earn valuable experience in mathematics, but BSM will provide a certificate of completion for the program. Students whose contributions are deemed truly excellent will receive a mark of honors on their certificate.

Are you interested in participating?