Hungarian Art and Culture

  • Instructor: dr Judit Barta
  • Contact: jbarta77 at gmail dot com
  • Prerequisites: none
  • Text: Reader and two novels (hard copies can be borrowed from the office)

Course description:

This course intends to give you an opportunity to explore certain aspects of Hungarian attitudes, thinking and cultural traditions. The main goal is to trace basic trends and themes, as well as to highlight the figures and works of some of the most outstanding representatives of Hungarian history and politics, literature, music, film and fine arts. Some of the classes will center around an issue that is relevant in today's Hungary to be examined in its historical context, and how it is reflected in emblematic works of art, mostly from the twentieth century. Invited experts will explain further and present their views on topics of class interest, such as Hungarian politics, LGBTQ issues, the situation of the Roma community and homelessness.You will be encouraged to take advantage of "live" Hungarian culture. Based on the success of last semesters, fieldtrips will get you a taste of the Budapest theatre scene. Our program will also include a guided tour of the National Gallery (to be scheduled outside the regular class time).