• Instructor: Katalin Miklosy
  • Contact: miklosy at gmail dot com
  • Prerequisites: Babilon intensive language course
  • Text: BSM course book
    + Visual material: videos from MagyarOK by Szita, Sz. & Pelcz, K.

Course description:

This course will provide students with the basic skills in reading writing and speaking in Hungarian at a post-beginner level.

The course starts with reviewing the elementary grammar and vocabulary introduced in the intensive language program at Babilon Nyelvstúdió.

Speaking topics for everyday conversation, new grammar points and vocabulary areas will follow. Some samples of Hungarian culture through films, songs and short stories are also an integral part of the course.

Topics covered:

  • Week 1 Revision; Body parts; Possessive
  • Week 2 The infinitive; The uses of the verb "van"; Family
  • Week 3 Walk in the 7th district; visiting a museum
  • Week 4 The indefinite and definite direct object; The definite conjugation
  • Week 5 Modal auxiliaries
  • Week 6 Pieces of clothing; Describing clothes; Appeals and likes/loves
  • Week 7 Midterm
  • Week 8 The past tense of "to be"; Months and seasons
  • Week 9 Daily routine
  • Week 10 Past tense (definite and indefinite)
  • Week 11 Irregular verbs: present and past
  • Week 12 Adjectives: comparative and superlative
  • Week 13 Summary and revision
  • Week 14 Final; Farewell walk in Budapest