Syllabi of classes offered by BSM

CLA Classical Algebra Csaba SZABÓ and Péter HERMANN NON CREDIT
GRE GRE preparation session Sloan Nietert NON CREDIT
HUP Hungarian + Anna Fóti NON CREDIT

AL1 Introduction to Abstract Algebra Robert FREUD
AAL Advanced Abstract Algebra Péter HERMANN
ALT Algebraic topology Szilárd SZABÓ
BIO Combinatorial and computational aspects of bioinformatics István MIKLÓS CANCELLED
CMA Commutative Algebra Mátyás DOMOKOS
CLX Complex Functions Gergely HARCOS
CO1.A Combinatorics 1 Dezső MIKLÓS
CO1.B Combinatorics 1 Attila SALI
CO2 Combinatorics of Finite Sets András GYÁRFÁS
COP Combinatorial Optimization Tibor JORDÁN
C&P Conjecture and Proof Tamás KELETI
DCG Discrete and Convex Geometry Gergely AMBRUS
DIG Differential Geometry Balázs CSIKÓS
FUN Functional Analysis  Dávid KUNSZENTI-KOVÁCS
GAL Galois Theory Mátyás DOMOKOS READING
GMT Game Theory Tamás KIRÁLY
GRT.A Graph Theory , Track A Ervin GYÖRI
GRT.B Graph Theory , Track B Gábor SIMONYI
IAF Inpedendent studies in Automorphic Forms Péter MAGA
IDG Inpedendent studies - "Analytic Methods in Discrete Geometry" Gergely AMBRUS
LDT Low dimensional topology Antonio ALFIERI
MAP Quantum Information and Quantum Computation Mihály WEINER
MCR Introduction to Mathematical Cryptography Péter MAGA
MPS Mathematical Problem Solving Sándor DOBOS
NEG Non-Euclidean Geometries Gábor MOUSSONG
MAN Introduction to Mathematical Analysis Bence BORDA
NU1 Introduction to Number Theory Csaba SZABÓ
NUT Topics in Number Theory — Additive Combinatorics Antal BALOG
PRO Probability Theory Péter BÁLINT
RFM Real Functions and Measures Péter SIMON
SET Set Theory Lajos SOUKUP
STA Statistical Methods Marianna BOLLA READING
THC Theory of Computing Gyula Y. KATONA
TOP Introduction to Topology Agnes SZILARD
RES Research Opportunities                          
DLP Discovery Learning: The Pósa Method Péter JUHÁSZ cross-listed1 with BSME3
AGE Algebraic Geometry I. Andras NEMETHI cross-listed1 with ELTE University2
APA Approximation Algorithms Tamás KIS cross-listed1 with ELTE University2
DDS Discrete Dynamical Systems Zoltán BUCZOLICH cross-listed1 with ELTE University2
GLF Graph Limits from a Functional Analytic Point of View David KUNSZENTI-KOVACS cross-listed1 with ELTE University2
PMC Probabilistic Methods in Combinatorics Péter CSIKVÁRI cross-listed1 with ELTE University2

  1. Mathematics classes cross listed with other institutions: BSM works closely with several other Mathematics or Mathematics related programs in Budapest. Typically we offer up to 1 or 2 classes each semester from the Eotvos University (ELTE) and/or the Central European University (CEU) and the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Education (BSME) program.
    Taking a crosslisted class at another institution not only allows you to study a subject not offered by BSM but in addition may enhance your study-abroad experience since the classes may run completely different style as at BSM and your classmates will be from outside of BSM.
    Note that a grade you receive for a cross listed class will appear on your BSM transcript as a BSM class, with no mention of the other institution that offers it.
  2. Classes cross listed with ELTE University, Institute of Mathematics. The classes are held on their campus which is about 30 minutes from BSM.
  3. This class is cross listed with Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Education program and is held in the same building as where the BSM classes are. Exact location and time will be announced later.
    This is a true math class in problem solving, only available in Hungary! Can easily be the best class to take for a truly Hungarian study abroad experience.
    In order to encourage taking this class, this BSME class does not count towards the 5-math-course limit!

PHI Philosophy of Mathematics Kálmán CZISZTER
HL1 Beginner Hungarian Language Erika FALLIER and Katalin MIKLOSY
HL2 Intermediate Hungarian Language Erika FALLIER and Katalin MIKLOSY
MUS Hungarian Music in the 20th century - Classical, Folk and Popular Krisztina UJHAZY
HUC Hungarian Art and Culture Judit BARTA
FILM Masters of European Film László ARATÓ cross listed with McDaniel

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