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In celebration of one third of a century of Budapest Semesters in Mathematics, we shall host an all-class reunion and conference for alumni and friends of BSM.
The meeting and the conference will take place in Budapest (where else?) from June 25 (Monday) to July 1 (Sunday).
BSM 100/3 will be adjacent to a major combinatorics conference, Building Bridges II — László Lovász is 70, Budapest, July 2-6, 2018.
Whether you want to do some math in the familiar surroundings, (re)connect with fellow alumni or with alumni who owed their participation to your encouragment, explore the city and the country and see how much it has changed, or help your imagination to relive and maybe share with your family what many of you have described as a "life-transforming experience" - the program will cater to you. We expect most of your BSM professors and your always popular student coordinators will be on hand.