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As you will be staying more than 90 days in Hungary you must have a residency permit and you must have it pre-approved (or chose to have it pre-approved, depending on citizenship).

To have your residency permit pre-approved you have to apply for it at a Hungarian consulate, as you will be fingerprinted.

Once you have it pre-approved, you automatically get a D type visa (also called "long term visa") as well. This visa allows for a single entry into the Schengen zone for the sole purpose of coming to Hungary within 5 days of entry, in order to "pick up" the residency permit card, which then allows for a long-term stay (=more than 90 days) in Hungary, as well as "free travel" within the Schengen zone.

So the pre-approved residency permit and the D-type-visa go hand-in-hand, and at the consulate, when talking about your trip to Hungary, consulate personnel may use "D type visa" and "residency permit" interchangeably. But officially you are applying to have your residency permit pre-approved.

Note that once you have your residency permit pre-approved, and a D type visa with it, you can enter the Schengen zone anywhere. However, you have to come to Hungary within five days of entering the Schengen Zone and afterwards cannot leave until you pick up your residency permit card at the Immigration Office. (For those who are pre-approved, it usually takes up to a week, on average, to obtain the residency permit card. We will help you with that.)

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Finally, let me repeat: once your residency permit application is pre-approved by the Hungarian Immigration Office you will receive a D visa from the Consulate entitling you to enter the Schengen region anywhere and come to Hungary directly (i.e. within 5 days of entry) to obtain your actual residency permit card.

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Agnes Szilard
associate program director
Budapest Semesters in Mathematics, Budapest