Note that this is a NON-CREDIT course!

Instructor: Anna FÓTI
Prerequisites: A desire to get to know more about the Hungarian language inside and out. Course description: The main purpose of the course is to give useful and fun information, while helping your everyday life in Hungary. Mixture of language, real life, culture, and insights.

Schedule: (may vary depending on the group's dynamics and interets)
week 1: Hungarian food. What to order and not to order in a Hungarian restaurant, related vocabulary
week 2: Hungarian drinks, what to order and not to order in a Hungarian pub, useful words
week 3: Hungarian specialties worth trying
week 4: English words in the Hungarian language and Hungarian words in the English language.
week 5:National Holidays in Hungary. Celebration Hungarian style.
week 6: Famous Hungarians in the US and famous Americans in Hungary
week 7: Hungarian folk tales, writing a tale
week 8: Hungarian folk songs, world-famous songs with Hungarian roots
week 9: The contemporary Hungarian music scene with a twist
week 10: Hungarian sayings, proverbs
week 11: Hungarian homonyms and synonyms, interesting pairs
week 12: Hidden spots of Budapest
week 13: Souvenirs from Hungary. You know you are Hungarian when...