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Instructor: Judit BARTA

Description: This course hopes to give you an opportunity to explore certain aspects of Hungarian attitudes, thinking and cultural traditions. The notion and scope of "culture" being nearly all-encompassing and to a large extent also very individual, the main goal is to trace basic trends and themes, as well as to highlight the figures and works of some of the most outstanding representatives of Hungarian history and politics, literature, music, film and fine arts. Our first, introductory meeting can also give us the opportunity to make some adjustments and fine-tuning in the planned program, allowing for your preferences.

Some of the classes will center around an issue that is relevant in today's Hungary, to be examined in its historical context, and how it is reflected in emblematic works of art, mostly from the twentieth century. Others will be aimed at giving an overview of a particular branch of art, and there will be sessions devoted to more detailed discussions of individual works ( of literature and film art).

On occasions, you will be asked to do some brief, preliminary internet research. Besides, you will be asked to give 2 short presentations during the term - the first one about the findings of your field work to check out some parts of Budapest (with an obvious emphasis on architecture), the second one about a Hungarian painter/artist.

Your final assignment will be about a topic of your own choice, more or less close to your heart, to be presented in the exam week.

You will also be encouraged to take advantage of "live" Hungarian culture. Depending on interest, our program will include a theatre/opera/ concert program and a guided tour of the National Gallery (to be scheduled outside the regular class time!!)

During the term, you will be required to

Course evaluation will be based on the following criteria: