Note that this course is cross-listed with the ELTE University and is held on their campus. Its schedule is set by ELTE. Time and location will be announced later.

Instructor: Dr. Tamás Szônyi

Topics covered: Error-correcting codes; important examples: Hamming, BCH (Bose, Ray-Chaudhuri,Hocquenheim) codes. Bounds for the parameters of the code: Hamming bound and perfect codes, Singleton bound and MDS codes. Reed-Solomon, Reed-Muller codes. The Gilbert-Varshamov bound. Random codes, explicit asymptotically good codes (Forney's concatenated codes, Justesen codes). Block designs t-designs and their links with perfect codes. Binary and ternary Golay codes and Witt designs. Fisher's inequality and its variants. Symmetric designs, the Bruck-Chowla-Ryser condition. Constructions (both recursive and direct) of block designs.