Instructor: Dr. Lajos SOUKUP
Website of the course:

Text: The course is based on printed handouts
Prerequisite: Some familiarity with "higher" mathematics. No specific knowledge is expected.

Course description
This course is designed as an introduction to basic set theoretic notions and methods.


A. Shen, and N. K. Vereshchagin, Basic Set Theory, AMS Student Mathematical Library 17,
P. Halmos: Naive Set Theory
P. Hamburger, A. Hajnal: Set Theory
K. Ciesielski: Set Theory for the Working Mathematician

Homework assignments: 40%, midterm exam: 20%, final exam: 40%.
12 homework assigments, the best 10 count.
Extra hw problems for extra credits.
A: 80-100%, B: 60-79%, C: 50-59%, D: 40-49%