We are happy to welcome you to the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics. On this page you find a lot of useful information considering academics. Please study this material carefully.


You are cordially invited to our

orientation session

held in our school building,

on June 12th   (Friday) 2:00 PM

street address: Bethlen Gábor tér 2, Room 110 (may change), and to the

welcome party at 7:00 PM,
aboard the ship "ISTER GRANUM" (Jászai Mari tér, 1-es kikötö map of ship's location).

Please note that your participation in the orientation session is absolutely necessary!

During the orientation session we'll cover all basic information regarding your everyday and academic life concerning the upcoming semester, while at the welcome party you will have a chance to meet your professors for the first time and discuss details of the forthcoming classes, ask questions.
As the room may change the last minute, please look for the signs inside the Bethlen tér building where BSM is located.

Courses will start in the same building on June 15th (Monday) morning at 10 o'clock.

Those of you who are not taking the optional language course and therefore miss the pre-orientation session at the beginning of June should come to BSM at 1pm already for a pre-orientation session.

Academic Calendar

First day of classes June 15 (Mo)
Registration deadline June 19 (Fri), 3pm
Drop deadline July 31 (Fri), Noon
Last day of classes August 7 (Fr)
Final exams August 6-7 (Th-Fr)
Grade report sheets handed out August 8 (Sa)

(For important pre-semester dates click here.)

Course Offerings

From our usual course selection, we offer the following:

  1. Introduction to Abstract Algebra
  2. Conjecture and Proof
  3. Mathematical Problem Solving
  4. Real Functions and Measures
  5. Combinatorics 1
  6. Combinatorics 2
  7. Research Opportunities. This summer's research problems will be finalized and posted around mid-May.

Still pending:

Note that at most only one of these two courses will be offered. The final decision regarding this question and others will be based on your answers when you fill out our Pre-registration info questionnaire, below. We need your answers for scheduling purposes only - you will not be bound by them. See the remark concerning the "shopping period" below.

Please, fill out our Pre-registration info questionnaire by May 24th.


Important pre-semester dates, summary

See the Welcome information for details.

Hungarian language course starts June 3 (We), 8am at Babilon (1075 Budapest, Károly krt. 3/a. )
Pre-orientation session, for students of Babilon June 4 (Th), 2:30pm at Babilon
Hungarian course ends June 12 (Fr), 12:30pm at Babilon
Pre-orientation session, for those not taking Hungarian June 12 (Fr), 1pm at BSM (1073 Budapest, Bethlen Gábor tér 2)
Academic orientation session June 12 (Fr), 2pm at BSM
Welcome Party June 12 (Fr), 3pm at BSM