Instructor: Fruzsina Kollányi

Course objectives

The aim of the course is to give an overview of Mathematics education in Hungary through observing classes in a wide range of schools and reflecting on these experiences. The class will be scheduled in a single 4 hour period, with school visits and seminars on alternating weeks.

Sample schools

(The selection of schools will have to be accommodated to the schedule of the course)

Seminar discussion/research topics

There will be several - hopefully inspiring - discussions on topics related to math education, during which everybody is encouraged to share their opinions, based on their own experience and research done in the area. Some of the presentations/activities will be led by students. The selection of the topics will be adjusted to students' interest and issues arising during school visits.

A sample of possible topics:


Attendance, active participation in discussions: 10%
Presentation: 20%
School visit reports, HW assignments: 30%
Coursework (essay/project/lesson plans): 40%

Note: Passing the course requires attending at least 75% of classes.

Practical Information

The course can accommodate a maximum of 8 students. Classes observed will be mostly in Hungarian, but the instructor will translate.