1. Dynamical Systems meets Mondays 4-6pm in the "Déli Tömb" building, Room number 0-826

The professor teaching the course is Zoltan Buczolich.

The first class is already tomorrow and so it conflicts with our Welcome Party that starts at 4:30pm. This is very unfortunate but ELTE and BSM are independent institutions and it is not possible to coordinate our schedules. However, Professor Buczolich agreed that BSM students can leave earlier tomorrow e.g. around 4:50 - 5 pm to get to our Welcome Party at 5:30pm. In addition/instead he will provide copies of class notes to you. If you have not indicated on the pre-registration form that you are interested in Dynamical Systems please send me an email to get the syllabus of the class.

2. Topics in Graph Theory meets on Fridays 2-4pm for lecture in the "Déli Tömb" building, Room 4-713

The professor teaching the course is Laszlo Lovasz. The topic will be Large networks and graph limits. There is no course description (syllabus) yet.

IMPORTANT: The course starts on the second week i.e. Friday, Sept 18th. (There is no class on the 11th.)


PLEASE ALLOW 15-20 minutes extra time TO FIND THE ROOMS WITHIN THE "Déli tömb" building WHEN YOU GO THERE THE FIRST TIME, as the rooms are counterintuitively situated. Some may be hard to find!

Generally, you should count about 30 minutes to get to the ELTE campus from BSM by public transportation (e.g. a bus from the Keleti Railway station to Blaha Lujza tér, then tram no 4 or 6 to Petőfi híd, then go South through the campus on foot to reach first the "Északi tömb" building and further South the "Déli tömb" building).

This map shows the BSM and ELTE "Északi Tömb" and Déli Tömb" locations