We are happy to welcome you to the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics. On this page you find a lot of useful information, including the schedule of the coming days. Please study this material carefully.


You are cordially invited to our

orientation session

held in our school building,

on June 21st   (Friday) 1:00 PM

street address: Bethlen Gábor tér 2, Room 110 (LOOK FOR THE SIGNS), and to the

welcome party at 3:00 PM,
in Room 220 (may change)

Please note that your participation in the orientation session is absolutely necessary!

During the orientation session we'll briefly cover all basic information regarding your everyday and academic life during the next semester, while at the welcome party you will have a chance to meet your professors for the first time and discuss details of the forthcoming classes, or simply ask questions.
As the room may change the last minute, please look for the signs inside the Bethlen tér building

Courses will start in the same building on June 24th (Monday) morning at 10 o'clock.

Academic Calendar

First day of classes June 24 (Mo)
Last day of classes August 2 (Fr)
Final exams August 1-2 (Th-Fr)
Transcripts (drafts) handed out August 3 (Sa)

Course Offerings

The schedule of the summer semester, in contrast with the fall and spring ones, is pretty simple, since we have only four full courses plus the research option(s). We will have an introductory level Abstract Algebra and Conjecture and Proof/Mathematical Problem Solving course, an advanced analysis (Real Functions and Measures) course and a combinatorics course, whose level will be set according to the background of the audience (together with the problem solving/proof course). Therefore, the sillaby of these courses are somewhat temporary and may change during the first weeks of the semester. The practice of the "full" semesters of the program, that is the first three weeks being a "free" shopping period with registration deadline at the end of the third week clearly would not work with a six weeks semester. Therefore, you will need to decide in advance the courses to enroll to. Having each course (except the research options) 8 contact hours (four meeting times) per week, we strongly discourage taking more than 2 courses (i.e., a typical course load should be either two normal courses or a normal course plus a research option). As far as the research options are concerned, I assume one or two of the offered research themes will be offered. In order to help you (and the professors) to make the proper selection each research topic carries an exam sheet (with one or more exercises) which serve as a kind of entrance exam to the actual option. Only those will be admitted who are judged to have a significant progress by the professors by the first week of the semester, and therefore are predicted to be able to complete the course in good standing.

Our relatively new and new courses:
The Elective Undergraduate Research course is designded for very advanced students - gives them the opportunity to try their hands on research within a small group setting (or individually) under the guidance of a professor. Problems that they can work on are listed at the end of the syllabus. Important: those interested in doing EUR will meet with their professors at the Welcome party, where they should arrange for the weekly meeting times. Please, beware that - just like with other courses - your EUR course may not be offered afterall! (See the course description for more details.)

We plan a series of Hungarian language, Hungarian culture and Colloquium Lectures on various branches of mathematics and some other related activities. Watch for announcements. These events are (almost) always scheduled on Wednesdays and Thursdays at or around 2.p.m.