Note that this is a NON-CREDIT course!

Instructor: Scott Kensell
e-mail: skensell "a t" gmail "d o t" com

Prerequisites: Having attended the Babilon Language School would be ideal, but a desire to learn the language is the important thing.

Texts: "Hungarian an Essential Grammar" by Carol Rounds, and an English-Hungarian dictionary

Course description:

The main focus of the course will be on reading short stories. As we read we will gain a solid understanding of essential grammar concepts while increasing our vocabulary. Once we have built up a vocabulary foundation, we will look at the basics of speech and practice common conversations. The class can easily be bent to accomodate the requests of the students, and as such, might be seen as an extension of the normal BSM Hungarian class. Students will also benefit from the amount of study material I share on Dropbox.

Rough schedule:

Additional grammar concepts to be discussed on request:
impersonal constructions, questions, word order, tools for simplifying speech, postpositions, time