Instructor: Scott Kensell
e-mail: skensell "a t" gmail "d o t" com

Prerequisites: Having attended the Babilon Language School would be ideal, but a desire to learn the language is the important thing.

Texts: Hungarian an Essential Grammar by Carol Rounds,
For a dictionary I recommend either Hungarian Practical Dictionary by Eva Szabo or the dictionaries given out by the language school: "Akadémiai Kiadó: magyar-angol szótár"

Course description:

We will develop all major skills of Hungarian (reading, listening, speaking, and some writing) while learning all of the rules behind Hungarian grammar. In class we will practice real-life scenarios, listen to many popular songs (some rock, folk, even hip-hop), and discuss grammar at a fast pace. Outside of class, I can recommend and provide readings from which daily vocabulary can be pulled. We will also cover some more "alternative" topics like slang. I will give tips on accelerating the language-learning process as well as tips on speaking baby-Hungarian a little more fluently, all drawing from experience.

Rough schedule:

  1. Week: Pronunciation tips, Review of Language school stuff, Developing a plan for learning and sticking to it. How to find a Hungarian to talk to.
  2. Week: Basic situations and conversations you should have memorized
  3. Week: Everything there is to know about Hungarian verbs
  4. Week: Cases of nouns and pronouns, categories of nouns
  5. Week: Impersonal constructions and helpful constructions
  6. Week: Questions, demonstrative and relative pronouns, adjectives
  7. Week: Tools for simplifying speech
  8. Week: Postpositions and Time
  9. Week: Slang and what people are actually saying
  10. Week: Word formation
  11. Week: Word order