Instructor: Dr. Erika FALLIER

Time: Tuesday, 2:15- 5:00
Office hour on request

Grammar reference book: Szita Szilvia -Görbe Tamás: Gyakolró Magyar Nyelvtan. Akadémiai Kiadó, 2010

This course will will focus on developping skills in reading and writing in Hungarian at a lower-intermediate level.

After a short period of reviewing the elementary grammar of the 80 -hour intensive language program, some further elements of Hungarian grammar will be discussed.

Reading: take-home reading of a short story in installments "A becsületes város" ( The honest city ).

Writing a diary in Hungarian to be handed in weekly.
Students produce a written diary entry of 100 words each week (altogether 12 entries), making correction of their individual mistakes possible.
This project enables students to express their daily experiences accurately in written form.

In addition to classroom meetings, some fieldtrips are also scheduled in such as going to a café, to a restaurant, etc.
During these fieldtrips, students will have a unique opportunity to practise Hungarian in a native environment and communicate in a broad range of everyday situations with locals.

At the end of the course students writea 200 word essay based on their home reading.

Final grades will be based on the following components:

working with a short story in installments 30%
writing a diary in Hungarian 30%
active participation during classes 20%
Final essay 20%