Hungarian language 2A  (Intermediate Hungarian) HUN2A (advanced level)

Instructor: Dr. Erika FALLIER

Time: Monday or Tuesday, 2:15- 5:00

Practice book: Hungarian Reader ("Magyar Olvasókönyv") compiled by the instructor

Advanced level Hungarian is offered for students of HL2 to improve their reading and writing skills
This course can be taken parallel with either Intermediate Hungarian classes HL2 on Monday or HL2 on Tuesday

Writing a diary in Hungarian to be handed in weekly - 12 entires
Students produce a written diary entry of 100 words each week enabling them to to express daily experiences accurately in written form.
This writing project makes correction of individual mistakes possible.

Take-home reading assignment in weekly instalments

Students read and translate a paragraph per week of the short story " A becsületes város " by Dezső Kosztolányi

Final project:
A 200 word composition based on the reading assignment
Deadline: 17 May