BSM Set Theory — SET, Fall 2011.

Homepage of the course:

Instructor: Dr. Lajos SOUKUP

Text: The course is based on handouts

Books: P. Hamburger, A. Hajnal: Set Theory
K. Kunen: Set Theory, Chapter 1.
T. Jech: Set Theory, Chapters 1--6.
K. Ciesielski: Set Theory for the Working Mathematician

Prerequisite: Some familiarity with "higher" mathematics. No specific knowledge is expected.

Course description
The goal of the course is threefold:

Grading: Homework assignments: 40%, midterm exam: 20%, final exam: 40%.
A: 80-100%, B: 60-79%, C: 40-59%, D: 30-39%

Homeworks are distributed and collected on ....