Hungarian language 2A  (Intermediate Hungarian) HUN2A (fast track)

Instructor: Dr. Erika FALLIER

Time: Monday, 2:30- 5:00

Office hour (Consultation time): Monday 2:15-2:30

Practice book: Hungarian Reader ("Magyar Olvasókönyv") compiled by the instructor

This course is built on the elementary grammar covered in the 80 hour intensive course and focusses on several important elements of Hungarian grammar: e.g.
- prefixes to verbs
- past tense of verbs
- hypothetical mood of verbs
- word building etc.
by way of reading a variety of Hungarian texts, folk tales, poems, nursery rhymes, etc.

The course also has special emphasis on improving writing skills: Students are requested to write diary entries on a weekly basis.

Final grades will be based on the following components:
class attendance and active classroom participation 20%
written diary 20%
a project in Hungarian about some aspect of students life in Hungary 40%
( topic of project needs to be discussed individually with the instructor around midterm time )