Hungarian language 2B  (Intermediate Hungarian) HUN2B (Slow pace)

Instructor: Dr. Erika FALLIER

Time: Wednesday, 2:30- 5:00

Office hour (Consultation time): Wednesday 2:00-2:45

Practice book: Sántha Mária: Hungarian for Beginners PONS: self-study course book

This course will provide students with the basic skills in reading writing and speaking in Hungarian at a post-beginners level.
The course starts with reviewing the elementary grammar of the 8o-hour intensive language program. Subsequently some further important elements of Hungarian grammar will be discussed.
During the semester we will have a number of scheduled field trips in Budapest.
During these fieldtrips, students will have a unique opportunity to practice Hungarian in a native environment and communicate in a broad range of everyday situations with locals.

Hungarian folk songs, nursery rhymes and tales are an integral part of the course
By the end of the course, students will be able to carry out basic conversations in a variety of everyday situations.
Among the requirements of the course individual spoken language production (:"show and tell") is included .

Final grades will be based on the following components:
class attendance and active classroom participation 10%
word quizzes 20% ( 2 word quizzes)
homework 30%
final exam 30%
spoken language 10 %