Hungarian Language 2B   (IntermediateHungarian) HUN2B

Instructors:  Ádám SZEKFŰ

Office hour: by appointment

Practice book: Colloquial Hungarian by Carol H. Rounds and Erika Sólyom
Various reading materials and grammar practice sheets prepared by the teachers of the program
Songs, poems, etc.

Main objectives: this class focusses on improving students'listening and speaking skills.
The first month reviews the major language points of the survival language course
Subsequently students are introduced into new language points ( new tenses of verbs and
building complex sentences.)
By the end of the term students should be able to communicate with native
speakers at pre-intermediate level.

Course requirements and assessment:
i) in-class work 20%
ii) show and tell 20%
iii) oral examination : discussion of everyday topics 60%