December 11

Thursday at 16:15, in Room 102

Prof. László Babai, University of Chicago (USA), Co-founder and Board member of BSM:
Groups, graphs, matrices, avalanches: The Abelian Sandpile Model

Abstract: Originating in statistical physics and nearly simultaneously and independently introduced in algebraic graph theory and in theoretical computer science in the 1990s, the Abelian Sandpile Model associates a variety of structures with a diffusion process on finite graphs. The model gives rise to a remarkably rich theory which connects the fields of graph theory, stochastic processes, commutative semigroups and groups, matrices and determinants, lattices in n-dimensional space, algorithms, number theory, discrete dynamical systems, and more.
After a general introduction, I will outline work I have done recently with then undergraduate Igor Gorodezky; the collaboration started at a summer REU.

December 4

Thursday at 16:15, in Room 102

Artist Dániel Erdély, will speak on his word famous spidrons: Spidrons Now.

Abstract: Dániel Erdély has been developing the spidron system for 28 years - without any institutional background, but with the help of selfless and enthusiastic friends and acquaintances : scientists, artists, craftsmen and interested individuals. It was in 1979 that he made the first relief of spidrons, for a class of Ernő Rubik's. At present there is an international research team at work on the Spidron project, the development and research of spidrons. Erdély's geometric system invention called Spidron is a true mathematical and interdisciplinary world-novelty, which promises a multitude of new opportunities in the field of contemporary fine art as well. His work has achieved a great success at several international forums of both mathematics and art, e.g. at universities and in artistic associations.

November 20

Thursday at 16:15, in Room 102

Prof. András Némethi, Rényi Institute : Algebraic Plane Curves

Abstract: The study of algebraic curves is the oldest theory of mathematics, and maybe the most beautiful. Lines, circles, conics were already studied by the Greek mathematicians, later famous mathematicians (e.g. Pascal, Newton) developed the classical theory. The modern approach started with the Italian and German geometry (Hilbert). We will discuss some classical subjects too, and also some connections with knot theory (low dimensional topology) and algebra. We try to follow the historical developments by many-many pictures.


September 25

Feedback Session at 16:15, in Room 102

Having any problems in organizing your life in Budapest? We all come together on Thursday to help each other.
This is the perfect opportunity to discuss your first impression about the courses, instructors, and the BSM program. Your opinion can be valuable to us, as well as to others in making the big decision.
Also, this late afternoon is the deadline for registration. If you are uncertain what to keep and what to drop, the 'Feedback' will help to solve this clue. In any case, we finally have to form the classes, decide the fate of ones with low/high audience.

September 18

Thursday 16.30 pm: "N is a number", a movie about Paul Erdős. Please note that the movie will be shown in the Main Lecture Hall of the Renyi Institute, which you can find according to this map.