Hungarian language 2A  (Intermediate Hungarian) HUN2A

Instructor: Fallier, Erika

Office hour: by appointment

Practice book: for grammar points: Colloquial Hungarian by Carol H. Rounds and Erika Sólyom

Main objectives: This course focusses on developing reading- and writing skills in Hungarian.
Grammar and vocabulary are introduced on a variety of Hungarian texts:
ranging from excerpts of short stories and novels, poems contemporary and old,
to cultural tit-bits such as cartoons, jokes, lyrics etc.
As an alternative to various texts, grammar and vocabulary study can be based on
one text (which would be then the group s choice)

- By the end of the course, students will be able to form complex sentences in Hungarian.

- Individualised writing: students write a one-page diary entry each week,(12 entries) hand in their diary every week and get them back corrected.

Course requirements and assessment:
1) in-class work 20%
2) diary writing, 20%
3) midterm test 30%
4) final test 30 %