Introduction to Hungarian Culture — HUC

Instructor: Márta SIKLÓS

The aim of this course is to give you an opportunity to explore certain aspects of Hungarian attitudes, thinking and cultural traditions. The notion and scope of "culture" being nearly all-encompassing and to a large extent also very individual, what this course can claim is to trace basic trends and themes, as well as to highlight the figures and works of some of the most outstanding representatives of Hungarian history and politics, literature, music, film and fine arts - film being a stronger element this time than in the previous courses. With the twentieth century in our focus, an essential context for the works discussed will be the historical one, serving more as a background and starting point in class discussions. You will also be encouraged to take advantage of learning about Hungarian culture "live", and, depending on interest, our program will include visits to the Opera, the National Gallery or the National Theatre/ Palace of Arts.

Classes will be run basically in a seminar form, with lectures reduced to a necessary minimum. Besides, you will also be asked to give 2 presentations during the term, either individually or in pairs - one related to fine arts and architecture, the other related to some historical, political or cultural aspect of socialist times and the "change of regime".

During the term, you will be required to

Course evaluation will be based on the following criteria:
Preparation - participation 20 %
Midterm paper 20%
Final exam 20 %
Project 1 20 %
Project 2 20 %
Attendance is mandatory - more than 3 absences will result in failing the class.

HUC - Planned program:
Will be distributed in class!