October 26

Thursday at 16:15, in Room 102

David Conlon, Cambridge University (Cambridge, UK) : Ramsey theory on the integers.

Abstract: There is a beautiful theorem, due to Van der Waerden, that states that if the natural numbers are coloured with finitely many colours, then at least one of the colour classes must contain arbitrarily long colour classes.
In this talk I will discuss this theorem, along with its various precursors, offshoots and generalisations. Most notably, I will talk about the `density' version of Van der Waerden's theorem, due to Szemeredi, and its relation to the recent work, due to Green and Tao, regarding arithmetic progressions in the primes.

October 12

Thursday at 16:15, in Room 102

Prof. John Talbot, University College London, University of London (London, UK) : Topology and combinatorics - the Kneser-Lovasz theorem.
Abstract: I will describe a simple proof of the Kneser-Lovasz theorem due to Barany and then talk about related recent results.

September 28

Feedback Session at 16:15, in Room 102

This is the perfect opportunity to discuss your first impression about the courses, instructors, and the BSM program. Your opinion can be valuable to us, as well as to others in making the big decision. Next day, Friday, is the deadline for registration, if you are uncertain what to keep and what to drop, the 'Feedback' will help to solve your clue. We finally have to form the classes. Having any problems in organizing your life in Budapest? We all come together on Thursday to help each other.

September 21

Thursday 16.30 pm: a movie about Paul Erdős. Please note that the movie will be shown at the Renyi Institute, which you can find according to this map.