February 17th (Thursday), 16:20            N  is a Number (a movie about Paul Erdõs)

February 24th (Thursday), 16:15           Feedback Session

March 10th (Thursday), 16:15               LÁSZLÓ BABAI (University of Chicago):
                                         Groups, graphs, matrices, avalanches, and more:  The Abelian Sandpile Model

March 17th (Thursday), 16:15               JOEL SPENCER  (Courant Institute):  Erdõs magic

March 31st (Thursday), 16:15               BILL JACKSON  (Quenn Mary University):  Rigidity of Frameworks

April 28th (Thursday), 16:15                 GÉZA KÓS  (KÖMAL and Eötvös University): The gems of KÖMAL (problem session)