December 1

Student Scientific Day
Taylor Arnold: Sequences of Graphs: An Application of Graph Pebbling and
Carl Erickson: Quadratic Fields and Unique Factorization

November 17

József Pelikán on the coefficients of the cyclotomic polynomials

November 8 Tuesday 16:15

Peter D. Lax (Courant Institute, NYU), An elementary proof of the change of variable theorem in calculus

October 27

János Pintz: Approximations to the Goldbach and twin prime conjectures
Room 102, 16:15

October 20

József Pelikán: The Look-and-Say sequence
Room 102, 16:15

October 6

József Pelikán is giving a lecture at 16:15, in Room 102
Title: Shapiro's inequality

September 29

Feedback Session at 16:15, in Room 102

This is the perfect opportunity to discuss your first impression about the courses, instructors, and the BSM program. Your opinion can be valuable to us, as well as to others in making the big decision. Next day, Friday, is the deadline for registration, if you are uncertain what to keep and what to drop, the 'Feedback' will help to solve your clue. We finally have to form the classes. Having any problems in organizing your life in Budapest? We all come together on Thursday to help each other.

September 22

Thursday 16.20 pm: a movie about Paul Erdős. Please note that the movie will be shown at the
Renyi Institute, which you can find according to this map.