Please, fill out the following two forms by Monday, Sep 2nd ie on Sunday, Sept 1st, the latest.

FORM 1. Questionnaire about your academic requirements and special needs.

FORM 2. Your pre-registration data

Please, study our course offerings at
and fill out the form based on that.

We need to know which courses you are planning to take in order to schedule the classes as optimally as possible. (Note however, that it is NOT possible to make a totally conflict free schedule. So we ask for your understanding.)

This is not registration, you are free to take/switch to other classes by the registration deadline, which is going to the onthe 3rd week into the semester, Thursday.

We need this information for scheduling purposes only, including decisions about which courses should be full courses and which should be reading, or cancelled entirely.

Try to be as specific as possible - if you mark 6-8 math classes you might take, it will be of little help for us in scheduling the courses. In case you are not decided - but only in that case - try to weight at least the courses (weight 1 meaning you surely want to take the course, any smaller trying to indicate the chance you'll take the course).

Please note that there is an extra tuition fee (payable at the Budapest office) for the 6th and further math courses you would take. That is, your paid tuition covers as much as 5 math courses and the OFFERED non math courses. For any further math course a non-refundable tuition of 350USD should be paid by the registration time (i.e., by the end of the third week). In case anybody would like to drop a course later, it can be done by submitting a written request (form will be provided) signed by the instructor of the course to the Budapest BSM office. Failure of doing it will result a "NA" (non-attending) grade for the course.